Please visit YFHI for results from Safe-D’s sister study, the Young Female Health Initiative (YFHI) study.

Journal Publications

Polycystic ovarian syndrome: Prevalence and impact on the wellbeing of Australian women aged 16–29 years
19 Oct 2017

Determinants of bone mineral density in young Australian women; results from the Safe-D study
28 Jun 2017

Development and testing of a mobile phone app for self-monitoring of calcium intake in young women
3 Mar 2017

Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D and mental health in young Australian women:
results from the Safe-D study

14 Oct 2016

Bone turnover marker reference intervals in young women
5 Aug 2016

Improving vitamin D status and related health in young women:
The Safe-D study – Part B

5 May 2016

Guidelines and recommendations for developing interactive eHealth apps for complex messaging in health promotion
9 Feb 2016

Vitamin D status, bone mineral density and mental health in young Australian women:
The Safe-D study

17 Oct 2015

The potential of eHealth apps to support targeted complex health messages
29 Oct 2014


Media Releases

Researchers call for better Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome diagnosis
The Royal Women’s Hospital, 20 Oct 2017

A third of young women at risk of early heart disease
The Royal Women’s Hospital, 11 Sep 2017

Vitamin D, mental health link questioned.
News, 16 Feb 2017

No link between sunshine and mental health in young women, Australian study finds
Triple J Hack, 15 Feb 2017

Study finds no link between vitamin D levels and mental health in young women
The Royal Women’s Hospital, 15 Feb 2017

New study underway to determine vitamin D’s role in the health of young adult women
Vitamin D Council, 9 May 2014

How much sun is good for you?
Al Jazeera, 4 May 2014

Study investigates safe sun times
Victorian Government Health Information, April 2014

Royal Melbourne Hospital launches vitamin D study to stop osteoporosis
Herald Sun, 14 April 2014

From the doctor’s desk; the sunshine vitamin.
MOVE muscle, bone & joint health, 2013. See pages 5-6